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Kids Outdoor Playsets: Buyer’s Guide

Kids’ playground sets or backyard playsets are special playing complexes, which are usually located outdoors. These sets help to improve children’s spatial orientation skills, agility, train strength and quick wits. Besides, kids’ play sets for outdoors help them get to know each other, learn to interact, and recognize the world around them.

Outdoor playsets for kids offer a child a wide selection of entertainment. Most kids love backyard swing sets. You can also choose a variety of gaming elements, including small climbing walls, cobwebs, treadmills, and all kinds of ladders. You can choose playsets for any kind of purpose.
August 03, 2020
Outdoor Playsets

How to Choose a Playground Set?

The elements of a simple playground set are usually made of high-quality metal. Metal parts of play sets are usually covered with a protective paint layer. It prevents corrosion and extends the life of the finished product. Some manufacturers replace metal structures with plastic ones. This is a controversial decision: on the one hand, plastic is well resistant to external atmospheric influences (outdoor playgrounds do not rust, do not rot, withstand extreme temperature changes), but at low temperatures, plastic parts become fragile.

Plastic backyard playsets are not designed for the heavyweights and have a short life term. Therefore, it is better to choose plastic sets only for babies. The most environmentally friendly material for playsets for kids will always be wood. But installing wooden outdoor sets isn’t a good choice. They quickly lose their decent appearance and have a short service life. It is worth paying attention to the metal sets with plastic parts. They last longer and are more hygienic.

The games are a huge part of childhood. During the game, a child develops physically and intellectually, explores the world, learns to communicate, and establishes contact with children of different temperaments. In other words, a child acquires a wealth of skills that will become very useful in future life.

Children’s games are becoming more and more virtual every day. The computer industry has been overwhelmed by kids. Unfortunately, not every adult is aware of the danger that looms in the form of physical inactivity (respiratory, circulatory, digestive disorders due to restriction of motility activity) and psychological disorders (isolation, aggressiveness, nervousness). So, it is better to provide your child with a real gaming place.

What is the difference between outdoor play sets?

These sets differ according to the children ages:
  • For preschool children, an excellent option for the playground will be a complex that includes a sandbox, swings, small houses, and labyrinths. At this age, children develop their motility skills.
  • Children of primary school age will appreciate the variety of complexes for active entertainment. It can be all sorts of targets, slides, and barriers. Indeed, at this age, children are distinguished by their mobility.
  • For older children and teenagers, you will need to choose a more complicated playset, equipped with a basketball and football field, horizontal bars, and various sports complexes.
  • It is also popular now to divide outdoor playgrounds into several zones for children of different age categories.


How long do outdoor playsets last?

A lifespan of an outdoor playset can differ from 3 years to a lifetime. Everything depends on the quality of a set and materials used for manufacturing.

What can you do with old playsets?

Consider the condition of the playset. For example, you can resell it on eBay.

What is the best thing to put under a swing set?

The playsets outdoor should not be installed on a hard surface such as asphalt, concrete, etc. It is best to equip the area with special coatings or materials; you can also leave grass cover.

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